Our expansive Dining Plaza boasts local restaurants, novel international menus, and global favorites. McDonalds, Cinnabon, Paradosiako, My Yoghurt and Savvikos head our initial lineup. One Salonica also offers visitors a large hypermarket powered by Carrefour.


McDonald's TM  

Premier Capital HELLAS S.A. belongs to Premier Capital plc association and it operates as a      Developmental Licensee of McDonald’s for the countries of Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta.  It occupies 3.000 employees in 63 dinners where more than 27 mil. customers are served annually.





Baked fresh all day, Cinnabon offers its guests fresh, aromatic, oven-hot cinnamon rolls, as well as a variety of other baked goods & Cupcakes,  In Addition to specialty beverages and a selection of freshly brewed coffees to provide everyone a delicious escape from reality.





MyYoghurt is a self-service retail yoghurt shop concept headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece and has a three year presence plans in the Greek, Cyprus, Spain, Bulgaria and Serbian markets with a total of 20 stores.




Bufala Gelato  

Ice cream “like it used to be” is made from 100% buffalo milk and natural ingredients.Widely-known    buffalo have been rearing on the land of Macedonia for a very long time. 





Our story goes back to 1947, when grandpa Savvikos for the first time made the juiciest souvlaki in the city popular! Since then, the tradition is continued with zest and respect to the precious recipes which preserve their originality intact and unaltered through time.





A corral of 2016 with authentic and quality food.  GRN is a subversive grill with sandwiches and tastes out of the ordinary and authentic flavors that stay in your mind.





Hot Pot

With emphasis on raw materials and delicious recipes HOTPOT is the best choice for a perfect pasta !!    The menu fills with fresh salads and fresh baked bruschettas.




Bubble Tale

BubbleTale creates drinks using a big variety of flavors and tasty combinations, giving them catchy names and serving them, in the popular now, glasses with the big straw.
Taste turns into a game when the tea mixes up with the syrup, or even when the bubbles pop in the mouth.




A unique tasting experience! We are making sure, so that your everyday “stroll” to the world of our flavors, will be a unique gourmet experience! 





In an area of  7.600 square metres, hypermarket SKLAVENITIS offers  - among others – Meat Counter & Butchers, Fish counter, Greengrocer’s counter, Bakery, Ready meals, as well as household items, clothing & shoes for men, women and children, small furniture, bookstore and toys.