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The UNDERSTORIES awaits for all of you on the ground floor at One Salonica.

Underwear, pantyhose, pijamas, socks and all the products for men and woman who make up your own “Under Story” and will make you stand out are now here!

A collection of beautiful sexy underwear, designed pantyhose, comfortable pijamas, brassieres, and many other products from our beautiful Greece, Italy the country of design, seductive Paris, romantic Portugal and other parts of the fashion world, make up a palette of innovative products that will provide you with the comfort, support and design for individual appearances.

Our very affordable prices and the great offers of this opening will immediately give you the privilege of rejuvenating on the Xmas period and not only then!
Come and visit us and we will create together your own "Under Story" that will make you feel beautiful with yourself and stand out!

UNDERSTORIES awaits you!

UNDERSTORIES: One story in a closet!