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Since its launch back in 1980, the mission statement of BSB has always been to closely listen and respond to the needs of the most fashion forward and modern female consumer, by continuously presenting contemporary collections of an extended product line reflecting the latest trends.

BSB holds nowadays a leading position in the market, with 100 exclusive BSB stores and an extensive distribution network comprising more than 300 associated multi-brand stores in major cities of high commercial traffic.
Each season, the BSB collection consists of youthful, cutting edge but also feminine clothes and accessories, addressed to women with style who seek all day outfits of high quality and aesthetics. The undeniable quality of the end product, a result of the high standards set by BSB through the years of its operation, combined with design, production flexibility and planning are fundamental elements of brand excellence.

In addition, the brand aims - and has succeeded - to always provide a unique shopping experience online and offline. The retail stores’ merchandising is tuned with the brand’s overall attitude and philosophy, while customer service and satisfaction are guaranteed in every BSB store, including the company’s online store: