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An enterprising vision


A special new idea that makes waves in the market and changes the game: this is the necessary original ingredient of a dominant business, as CALZEDONIA SPA ITALIA is currently at the field of underwear and beachwear.

In 1987, the founder and CEO, Sandro Veronesi, introduces to the market an innovative way of selling products, through the franchising of CALZEDONIA stores. Success doesn’t come long after that. The original variety of products expands also to lingerie with the creation of INTIMISSIMI and TEZENIS and it is established in Italy where it gains an important part of the domestic market.

At the same time, the international store network CALZEDONIA– INTIMISSIMI – TEZENIS is developing forcefully, by following an impressive spiral upwards. In 2014 the CALZEDONIA network has expanded in 29 countries, the INTIMISSIMI network in 26 countries and the TEZENIS network in 18 countries (with 1.800 – 1.000 – 400 stores respectively – with more than 26.000 employees), proving the wide acceptance of the products/stores from the consumer population and by succeeding a turnover up to €1.666.312,098.

In life, as it is at work, we must be the protagonists and not the audience.


The competitive advantage


CALZEDONIA SPA ITALIA success is owed to the coexistence of many factors such as the incredibly wide variety of products, the special attention given to fashion, the style, the trends and of course to the unparallel ratio of quality/price, which all satisfy even the most demanding customer.


Behind all these, a vertically integrated structure is operating, which makes sure that there is result and adaptability: the idea, the design, the production and the provision of every individual product is made internally or by subsidiary companies. The sales are carried out through one brand stores with direct administration or through foreign distributors. At the stores, even the smallest detail is taken care of. From their image and the strategic choice of position at the central markets of the most important cities down to the continuous training of the employees. Also, in promotion, the company is also very forceful, with great campaigns (outdoor, TV, print) by using photos by top photographers and models. It is well known that Gisele Bundchen (for CALZEDONIA) and Irina Shayk (for INTIMISSIMI) are two of the models that CALZEDONIA SPA ITALIA launched in the fashion field with its campaigns.


CALZEDONIA SPA ITALIA with its innovative and absolutely successful concept, changed the way the consumer buys “personal clothing products”. Even more, it expanded the until-then “specific” public, in every gender and age. But as always, behind the success of the numbers and the growth figures, there are the people. The people who become passionate, who love and devote themselves into goals and projects. These are after all the values which represent and express a great brand as their founder Sandro Veronesi imagined it: “In life, as it is at work, we must be the protagonists and not the audience.”