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Lynne has been operating in the field of woman’s clothing since 1994, currently holding an important position in the Greek market. Every season Lynne proposes a total look collection covering more than 500 articles, all of which are of high quality and design according to the latest fashion trends. In order to cater for all women’s fashion needs, our range of products includes accessories, shoes, bags and footwear. In addition, Lynne’s collections are ‘ready to wear’ thus they can easily and rapidly be updated to keep our customers constantly satisfied. The recent years Lynne has made significant investments which have doubled Lynne exclusive stores to 35, but also its products’ points of sale in multi-brand stores - both in Greece and abroad. The brand’s main objective for the upcoming years is to further expand its distribution network in Greece and its presence to significant international markets. To get a better perspective of Lynne’s philosophy and products you can visit our website: