Our expansive Dining Plaza boasts local restaurants, novel international menus, and global favorites. McDonald’s™, KFC, Cinnabon, Paradosiako and Savvikos head our initial lineup. One Salonica also offers visitors a large hypermarket powered by Sklavenitis. 

Bubble Tale

Already counting 8 years, 14 stores and infinite flavor combinations, you can discover your own favorite in our Bubbletale store inside One Salonica

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Cinnabon® is now one of the world’s most-recognized and sought-after brands. You’ll find it where you shop, travel, dine and play, to enjoy our bakery inspired cinnamon rolls right in your own home. And the best news is Cinnabon is just getting started.

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Mexican street food by Crats!

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No matter where you are in the city you have the opportunity to enjoy your coffee with the most surreally delicious suggestions of Dada's House.

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A corral of 2016 with authentic and quality food.  GRN is a subversive grill with sandwiches and tastes out of the ordinary and authentic flavors that stay in your mind.

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Hot Pot

With emphasis on raw materials and delicious recipes HOTPOT is the best choice for a perfect pasta !!    The menu fills with fresh salads and fresh baked bruschettas. 

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Jerry's Foodtruck

Jerry’s Foodtruck is the most-loved sweet spot serving up scrumptious treats and is permanently parked at 9 locations & growing!  The friendly staff happily awaits to satisfy your sweet tooth — that is, as soon as you can navigate the “candyland” trails of customers lined up outside that Jerry’s is known for!  The unmistakable fun-loving vibe at Jerry’s has created a sort of cult following, whether you’ve tried it or not!

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Join Juice Bars

JOIN juice bars were designed to hapilly invade modern urban culture, as a lively movement that embraces every human being and urges us to see the positive in every situation!

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KFC stands for crispy and tasty chicken! KFC stands for “it’s finger lickin good” chicken. KFC is the tastiest chicken worldwide, because of its high quality ingredients, freshly prepared recipe, great service, amazing staff ready to offer you a unique experience in its youthful,  friendly and modern stores!  

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Premier Capital HELLAS S.A. belongs to Premier Capital plc association and it operates as a      Developmental Licensee of McDonald’s for the countries of Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta.  It occupies 3.000 employees in 63 dinners where more than 27 mil. customers are served annually.

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A unique tasting experience! We are making sure, so that your everyday “stroll” to the world of our flavors, will be a unique gourmet experience! 

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By maintaining our traditional recipes, we continue to enrich the Savvikos Experience with new dishes that represent the excellent quality of our ingredients and our consistency in creating classic flavors for a table where people come together, to share real moments and authentic taste!

Discover the Great Greek Grill!

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 Wok Spot  

With young personnel and new ideas as well as carefully sourced quality ingredients, Wok Spot’s main goal is a smile from each customer and the offering of quality Asian food to everyone.

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