The story of grandfather Savvikos takes us back to 1947 when he roamed the city streets with his food cart and sold the most delicious souvlaki. Since then, a lot has changed. But not our priorities: excellent quality, intact traditional taste, respect for the customer. 

Honoring the words of grandfather Savvikos, we continue his vision through our traditional recipes, constantly adding new ones to our menu. This is why, for many decades now, the traditional authentic taste bears the signature of the Savvikos family.

How do we manage to keep our excellent quality in every one of your orders, throughout the years, be it eat-in, take-away or delivery?
- We are proud of our meat! They are Greek and fresh - not frozen and handmade with love. This is what makes the difference.
- Our fruit and vegetable are carefully selected by Greek producers, washed thoroughly and cut with care at the time of order, so that your salad is always served fresh and delicious.
- You’ll never find our buns and sauces elsewhere. Our recipes are unique, specially made for Savvikos, so as to bring out the best of every dish.

Now you know why everything tastes so great…because you know it’s Savvikos!

Explore amazing signature and traditional dishes, variety of original sandwiches in French baguette or handcraffted pita breads, handmade burgers, salads, sides and signature dipping sauces.