Premier Capital HELLAS S.A. belongs to Premier Capital plc association and it operates as a Developmental Licensee of McDonald’s for the countries of Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta. It occupies 3.000 employees in 63 dinners where more than 27 mil. customers are served annually. The incomes of Premier Capital plc surpass €90 mil. and from that, more than €60 mil. have been invested in McDonald’s since 2008. Premier Capital plc has issued €25 mil. bonds (2017-2020) with 6,8% performance at the stock market of Malta. Premier Capital plc matches the values of the McDonald’s brand which are based to optimism, accessibility and daily amusement as it serves its customers and offers substantial working experience and career to its employees through its structures.



McDonald’s opening hours @One Salonica:

Monday – Thursday 10:00-24:00

Friday – Saturday 10:00-01:00

Sunday 11:00-24:00