Underground parking with 1000 spots. Free parking for disabled permit-holders is offered at the underground car park.

Free Wifi

On all floors, that also serve PWD.

Phone chargers
There are 6 plugs available for each device type on the 2nd floor (next to McDonald's).

PWD ramps

Access to 3 banks: ALPHA ΒΑΝΚ (Level -1), NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE (Level -1) and EUROBANK (Level 0)

Information Desk (Level 0)

Tax Free Desk in the Puma Store (Level 0)

Free taxi transfer
International visitors can return to their hotel free of charge, via the unique Taxi program. The transfer can be arranged via the Mall’s Reception (information desk).

Some are available at the Customer Information Desk (Level 1).

Some are available at the Customer Information Desk (Level 1), suggested for children to age 3.

Playground (Level 2)

Arcade games (Level 2)

Baby Care Area (Level 2)

Pharmacy (Level 0)

Κiosk (Level 2)

Gadgets & mobile accessories (Level -1)

OPAP (Level 2)