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Launched in the early 1980s by Cristina Rubini and Pietro Negra, PINKO is a contemporary fashion brand with an Italian spirit. The company structure typifies Italian familial tradition with Rubini’s and company chairman Negra’s daughters Cecilia and Caterina now working for Pinko in the communications and design departments respectively.
Creativity and quality are central traits to the PINKO brand, expressed in both its forward-looking collections and its cutting-edge retail concepts. These combined factors have led to international success and PINKO now possesses a global network of flagship stores, each with unique and distinctive designs. The label is also stocked at a number of leading independent boutiques, shown alongside some of the world’s finest designer brands.

The brand’s extensive textile research and commitment to superlative Italian workmanship allows its collections to meet the demands of a diverse clientele while its original designs appeal to women of all ages and personalities. PINKO is especially adept at providing accessible luxury with a distinct brand identity.

PINKO stores always stand out from the crowd, even when they are located on the world’s most prestigious shopping streets. Digital screens are one of the boutiques’ most innovative features, allowing customers access to the entire PINKO collection regardless of current store availability.