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The Company

Our company, Diethnis Athlitiki ltd. started it’s activities in the field of sport shops, in 1977. With a network of stores that currently includes 112 privately owned Admiral shops and 25 franchise shops in Greece, shop in shop, cooperatives, shops at the borders of Bulgaria, Turkey and Skopje, Admiral is the leader in the field of athletic clothing throughout Greece.

The acquisition of Admiral brand in 2006 and the possibility for collections creation because of this evolution, was the basic point for our company to reach the top of the market and to be between the first companies in the preferences of the consumers on athletic and casual dressing for man, woman and child. The collections are created with care, according to the market needs, by satisfying all demands.

The company’s most important privilege is the ability to maintain stable, for many years, the connection between ‘’high quality-low price’’. For the cover of all needs of the friends of our products, you will find, exclusively in our shops, besides the Admiral products, the products of the famous brands Kappa, Maui, Starter.
The experience, as well as the excellent and friendly service of our very well trained staff, justify the preference of the consumers that trust us.

The Store


You will find exclusively in our shop the collections of all brands that we distribute and include a wide range of athletic products on designs and colors created under high standards.

  • Running shoes for all sports.
  • Free Time shoes
  • Tracksuits, fleece, Jackets, T-Shirts
  • Rain jackets and isothermic styles
  • Swimming styles
  • Balls, Rackets, shin guards and all kind of accessories
  • Soccer Sets

The staff of all our shops will be happy to help you to cover any need you may have, even the most demanded one.