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The name We Are The Superlative Conspiracy WeSC comes from the sense of unity that has always been exceptional in the skateboarding community - the creativity, the attitude and the people is what laid the foundation of WeSC. Founded by five guys with a background in skate- and snowboarding, WeSC set out to be a brand that would be a mix of streetwear and fashion; where elements of cultures such as skateboarding, art and music would be combined with fashionable design to create products that caters to the streetfashion consumer. 

The cornerstones of WeSC are punk mentality, creativity, community and having fun - it's about going your own way, being proud of that and be creative. This is something that has been WeSC's mission since day one and which is applied to all parts of the brand: the staff, the people, the stores, the design and the way we are. With activities in arts, skateboarding, snowboarding, music, acting, producing and more on a daily basis, we are proud to say that we live our brand - the WeSC way: it's not a brand that makes clothing, it's a lifestyle that we all enjoy and with/for causes that we support. Creativity at its' finest. 

The most important part of the Superlative Conspiracy are the people. It's the people who are and have the ideas, the creativity and the purpose and it' one of the things we enjoy the most! WeSC has a family of WeActivists. The WeActivists are the ones flying the flag of the Superlative Conspiracy and the people who inspire us, and activate, us on a daily basis. We also activate them - hence the name WeActivists. It's a group of skateboarders, musicians, artists, dj's, snowboarders, actors, writers, a chef, photographers and much more who are all flying the flag of WeSC and being part of the brand in all we do. It's these people, this group of creativity, that makes our brand what it is. It's family and that's what we love about it.

For more information on our WeActivists, visit where their stories, activities and ideas are told and broadcasted daily. 

In the Superlative Conspiracy, things move quickly. We are active, out there and always have things happening. Events, concerts, launches, new products and exciting projects all over the world. With a presence in 30 countries, 31 own concept stores worldwide including prime locations in New York, LA, Stockholm, Osaka, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Hong Kong and more, we are constantly spreading the word of who we are, what we do and what we stand for. Our collections strive to be fashionable, wearable and fun - something different and special for creatives and like-minded people all over the world. WeSC is a nice company and brand - and that is something we're proud of. 

Sharing is caring, as the saying goes, and we hope that you want to be a part of spreading our words and message and to be a part of the Superlative Conspiracy.