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After 79 years of experience, VARDAS stores have invested in elegance, chicness and quality, while providing steady influence and presence in the Greek fashion industry.


Following for decades the latest fashion trends and the influences worldwide, VARDAS has accomplished to fit the Ready-To-Wear and the Made-To-Measure clothing into the personal style of each customer and to offer quality excellence selections in the right price.


As a result of the long-term experience and tradition in elegance, comfort and diversity, both the casual collection and the clothing patterns for formal wear, are carefully picked for every silhouette.

Our company’s philosophy can be described as a comfort shopping experience, when our customers visit our stores. Also, our desire is to choose the stylish creations that best express themselves and their mood.

Our business ethos is to create long-term relationships with our customers, providing them a high-end experience that shares timeless values such as respect, honesty and everlasting quality.

Visit VARDAS Stores and to discover the most elegant collection for you!