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Sport Arena Outlet Store collects the agencies of the houses of Saucony, Fila, Arena and Second Skin in products from the previous year. Our products cover the needs of those who are involved with sports and mostly with running, swimming and sports fashion.

Saucony is one of the oldest sports companies founded in 1898. We are one with running. We exist and operate exclusively for runners and their needs. Shoes, clothes as well as everything a runner needs in order to run in the street, tartan or to the mountain.

Arena is an original brand of swimwear for water sports both for athletes and true lovers of the water and the sea. Where there are water sports there is Arena. In our store, you will find everything a swimmers needs. Swimwear, headwear, swimming goggles, flip flops, constitute the necessary equipment for a swimmer and you can find all these in excellent quality in Arena.
Fila is the most original voice of Italian aspect of design, where the talent and the imagination of fashion meets the motion and the adrenaline of sports. With complete clothing, footwear and accessories collections for Running, Basketballκαι and Casual clothing, Fila keeps creating and expressing the trends of tomorrow.
Second Skin was founded in 2009 and during the last years it has developed a strong relationship with many of its friends in the field of sportswear. Focusing on the everyday street clothing and athletic casual style, every Second Skin piece has been designed having everyday comfort and style in mind with high quality and low price.