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EDWARD Jeans, a lifestyle brand with 25 years of experience on indisputable quality and style denim articles. Variety of non denim articles as well like pants, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, shorts, dresses, overalls and jackets distinguished for their perfect fit and stylish design. The brand’s target market is men and women from 16 to 45 years old and more specifically from 18 to 35, price-conscious and quality-conscious with high sensitivity to the latest fashion trends and great desire to combine fashion and wearability.

EDWARD’s collections are characterized by their youth-inspired looks for men and women and they combine fashion and wearability. By paying a lot of attention to our customers, we know that uncompromised quality is essential. Because of that, our philosophy is based on the highest standards when it comes to quality, materials and craftsmanship. Our creations are distinguished for their perfect fit and for their stylish designs. Using today’s premium materials, we design tomorrow’s denim that helps the everyday man and woman to look fresh and to be inspired.

EDWARD operates retail stores in Thessaloniki and Athens, in Greece, as well as in Paphos, Cyprus. All our stores are created so that the customer can enjoy his shopping experience in a pleasant environment. We ensure that a dynamic atmosphere and friendly and well-skilled personnel are our number one priorities when it comes to our products’ exhibition.